Do you remember...?

Do you remember that time when music made you feel, think and most of all dream?

That time you were late for work because you just wanted to hear your song on TV or when you took the day off because the concert you wanted to see was airing late at night.

Do you wish there was a music media again that can make you feel the same way?

If yes...

If yes, you are in the right place because we at Darkholix want to create it and we invite you to be part of the project.

What will you get?

  1. After you support our cause, write your favourite music genre in the comment box and we'll greet you with a song.
  2. Every single supporter, regardless of the donation amount, will receive a place on the Thank you list of the project when it starts.
  3. Anyone who donates over $1k will get to choose the music playlist on Friday, Saturday or Sunday when the media launches.

To start the project we need the amount of $110 000, which includes adding the necessary software, applications for IOS, Android, popular smart TVs and last but not least, paying for copyrights to music companies.

Be a part of something that is worthwhile and will make you feel good. If that's not worth the money, then what is?

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